About us

Sagataxi offers personalized and flexible guided sight-seeing tours for individuals and small groups of up to 4 passengers, in the comfort of a private cab, fully insured. You can choose your own route, stop whenever you want to take pictures, buy souvenirs, go to a restaurant, while enjoying a guided tour by your driver. Sagataxi is a great way to experience Iceland. Welcome to our website and make sure to look at the various tours that we offer.

The business
Sagataxi is a small private tour operator business, owned and operated by  Gudni R. Eyjólfsson.The business is licensed as a Tour operator, by the Icelandic Tourist Board, and has a vehicle operating license from Icelandic Transfoert authority.                                                           
Gudni has been working as a professional driver for 15 years and started Sagataxi in the year 2008.

The Vehicles

Mercedes Benz Estate,  E 220. Bluetec Model 2016. Carries 4 passengers and 6 to 7 pieces of luggage, also good AC, and air suspension on the rear axle, an option that makes the ride very comfortable, even though the car is fully loaded.       Fully leather seats. Standard EURO 6, ( CO 2 128 gr/km.)

Sagataxi can also offer another car: Black Jeep Cherokee Limited 4 x 4 Model 2014. Carries 4 passengers, and up to 4 – 5 pieces of luggage. Leather seats, with good AC and good jeep for travel in Iceland.

Authorized tour operator

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