Tour 4

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Tour # 4. Reykjavík – Krísuvík – Grindavík – Reykjanes – Viking museum – Reykjavik. ( or to Keflavik airport ) and  Tour # 4a

Highlights : Lunar landscape, hot springs, bird cliffs, fishing village and tectonic plates…..

Duration : 5,5 – 6,5 hrs.
Distance : 107-150 km. / 67 – 95 miles
Season : All year
Language : English
Price ISK : 55,000 for 1 – 4 pers.

From Reykjavík we drive to Krísuvík where you can see gushing hot springs, mud pools, and unfamiliar barren landscapes, often make first rime visitors to Iceland, think they have landed on the moon.

We pass by Krísuvík, an old homestead and an old church on our way to the cliffs of Krísuvík where there is very rich birdlife. Then we head westwards to Selatangar, Ísólfsskáli and the fishing village of Grindavík. Among interesting old houses we discover the Saltfish Museum. Here we can take a loop to look on the Blue Lagoon ( Just walk inside and look/snapshoots )

From Bæjarfelli ( Reykjanes lighthouse ) we have a view of the island of Eldey,           the home of the largest colony of gannets in the world (approx, some 70.000 pairs)..

Iceland lies astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The submarine Reykjanes ridge south of Iceland opens up on land in this area and the faults can be observed through Iceland, exiting in North-eastern Iceland, on one hand the Eurasian plate and on the other the North American plate, We can take a walk between the plates, on „ the Continental bridge“. Next is Viking World-museum and the Viking-ship “Islendingur” can be seen. Built in 1996 it is an exact replica of the Norwegian Gaukstaðavessel, which was discovered 1882.  Islendingur sailed in the year 2000 to Greenland, New Foundland and New York.                                                                                                                  Next is is driving to International Airport if you are departing, or to Reykjavík area.

.The other route Tour # 4a,  From Keflavik-airport, takes us through the areas of Viking World-museum, Kirkjuvogur, Hafnir, Stafnes, Hvalsneskirkja, Sandgerði, Garður ( the light-house and museum )  and back to the  International Airport or  Reykjavík area.       The tour take around 2,5 hrs -3,0 hrs,  Pice ISK 38,000

Not included : Admission to the museums and lighthouse

Book now : Phone no. 00 354 897 0419.

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